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MARINE EDGE is set out to significantly reduce fuel consumption for marine transportation (10 - 15%).
At any given moment there are over 90,000 merchant fleet ships sailing the high seas in the goal of transporting goods and making our lives better.
These cargo vessels burn over one billion tons of fuel every year, having substantial impact on natural resources and the air we breathe. The total impact of the global merchant fleet on fuel consumption is significantly higher than that of all the cars in the world (the world's 15 Largest ships emit more air pollution than all the cars on earth put together).
Fuel is the greatest expense for cargo ships and can reach 50 - 70 % of a fleet's operational costs (Review of Maritime Transport 2019 (
Optimizing propulsion power efficiency can make a great difference economically, and tremendous environmental impact as well.
We at Marine Edge believe that sustainability is imperative for a better world, and marine transport is our focus. Marine Edge took on the mission to improve efficiency and reduce fuel consumption for marine transport vessels and more.
Our innovative concept and unique ML-based SW and technology designed for long haul journeys of cargo ships, is expected to be a disruptive force in the marine transportation industry.
PowerEdge is anticipated to revolutionize the traditional maritime industry with a solution that is both more economical and cleaner. The advantages in price, simplicity, and ability to fit to any ship, opens up new possibilities for shipowners to implement fuel saving technology on the tens of thousands of ships that sail the high seas.
Marine Edge is developing a mild-hybrid regenerative power management system (PowerEdge), which applies wave-based technology and unique ML software integrated into available hardware in the powertrain of any maritime vessel. It's goal is to improve propulsive efficiency under all kinds of sea conditions, reduce fuel consumption and diminish operating expenses dramatically.
PowerEdge harvests available power surplus and feeds it back continuously to the powertrain, Using ML algorithms for optimal intervention.
The technology's main benefits are: It fits any ship size, it works in conjunction with any other solution (e.g any other renewable energy solution) and with any kind of fuel, it is automatic therefore no highly skilled personnel required, and we use commercial off the shelf certified HW components.

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